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Apple is the most valuable company in the world yet again

Since the arrival of the first iPod with Apple re-inventing the personal music device, the company has gone from strength to strength (law suits aside) with wave after wave of innovative technology including the iPhone and iPad.

Figures yesterday showed that Apple shares had risen to a staggering $664.74 (£423), translating to a market value of around $623.14 billion (£396).

The previous record, set by arch rival Microsoft back in 1999 was $620.58 billion (£395) although, if inflation is taken into account, the record still belongs to the Windows creator who topped out at $857.2 billion in 2012. A bit of catching up to do then!

More to come for Apple

According to research by Forbes, the Cupertino based company made roughly $39.2 billion in this first quarter compared to Microsoft’s $17.41 billion (£11.08).

iPhone sales alone accounted for around $22.7 billion and the iPad still makes up more than 80% of the tablet market for the US.

Apple most valuable - new iPad

Although recent figures showed that iPhone sales for Apple had dropped by 12.6% from the first quarter of 2012, overall sales grew by 47.4% year-on-year.

And with new releases on the horizon in the shape of the iPhone 5, iPad Mini plus a rumoured venture into the TV market, Apple could well see their market value soar even higher in the coming years.

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