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Apple iPhone Nano – will it ever become a reality?

Of all the tech world rumour mills currently whirring away, Apple’s is by far the busiest and most productive – spurning a plethora of salacious gossip seemingly every day.

The only possible exception is the Samsung Galaxy S3, which has been the subject of so much debate we don’t know what’s believable and what’s profoundly unbelievable.

But when it comes to Apple, every one of its products gets the rumour treatment – no matter how close we are to a possible release.

Apple iPad rumours

The rumours surrounding the latest iPad were flying around right up until the moment Tim Cook showed the device to the world.

The day of the press conference saw a peak in rumours, with every speculator out there throwing in their two cents as to what we were going to see.

As soon as the iPad was released into the wild, the rumours (obviously) came to an end, though we wouldn’t have been surprised to see a few more come out post-launch.

But one Apple rumour that never seems to go away, regardless of what has been released or is about to be released, is that of an iPhone Nano.

Apple iPhone Nano

Ever since the first iPhone was launched back in 2007, there have been plenty of reports claiming that an iPhone Nano is in the pipeline.

This time around, they come from China Times. The website claimed Apple is working on a smaller, lighter and cheaper iPhone, for release around the same time as the iPhone 5.

China Times claims that Apple is keen to release a Nano version of its smartphone to try and compete in the low-end market – something which its current devices simply cannot do.

But will it ever become a reality? The report is probably the first of many to come out this year, but that does not make it so. And when have we ever seen Apple bring out a ‘low-cost’ anything?