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Apple iPhone 5 will ‘put Galaxy S3 to shame’

While there have been all manner of top quality smartphones released this year, there is one showdown that we’re only halfway to seeing.

The battle between Apple and Samsung is one of the fiercest in the tech world, which is really saying something. But with just one of them releasing a high-end phone so far this year, we’re all waiting for the battle to begin.

The Galaxy S3, after an insultingly long wait, is finally in the shops. Boasting some excellent specs and a sleek, stylish design, it is the phone to beat this year.

While the likes of HTC, Sony and Nokia will all try, it looks like the only phone to topple the S3’s reign will be the next-gen iPhone from Apple.

Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is set to be a truly stunning device, with Apple due to finally boost the screen size and (slightly) redesign the body.

In terms of specs, details are a little thin on the ground. But some of the features we’ve seen in iOS 6 promise to give the S3 a run for its money.

Of course, no one knows for sure until the iPhone 5 is released, unless you’re the CEO of Foxconn – the owner of the factory building the device.

‘Put Galaxy S3 to shame’

According to Terry Gou, the head of Foxconn, the iPhone 5 will ‘put the Galaxy S3 to shame’ when it is released later this year.

Speaking less-than-impartially, he also urged anyone thinking of buying a smartphone to wait until Apple has unveiled its next-gen device.

Of course, it’s not really surprising that the head of the company that has a large stake in the iPhone 5 is saying this, and it’s made all the more unsurprising by the fact that Gou hates Samsung.

In a rivalry that dates back to 2010, Gou said Samsung has a “track record of snitching on its competitors”. So it’s probably best to take his opinion with a large pinch of salt.

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