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Apple iPhone 5 – when exactly will it launch?

It is one of the biggest devices of the year, and it hasn’t even been released yet. The iPhone 5, Apple’s next generation smartphone has already got the tech world abuzz.

Of course, it’s unlikely that the device will actually be called the iPhone 5 – it seems that Apple is doing away with numbers in favour of simplicity, as in the new iPad.

But that’s not going to stop people buying the device in their millions. Nothing is. At this point it almost feels as if Apple could release a good-looking, well designed pager and people would still be queuing throughout the night to get their hands on the iPage.

The next-gen iPhone has been the subject of debate and speculation for months now, fuelled in no small part by the fact that we only saw an iPhone 4S last time round.

The rumours and gossip concern every aspect of the new iPhone, from its processor to its display to how good the camera will be.

But for most techies and Apple fans out there, the only question worth asking is: when will we actually see the device? We know it’s going to be good, but when can we get our hands on one?

Apple iPhone 5 to be released in June?

This juicy hunk of hot gossip started doing the rounds earlier this month, with a leak from a Foxconn recruiter providing the details.

Speaking to a Japanese news channel, the recruiter claimed that the reason for Apple’s recruitment drive was because it was getting ready for a surprise summer release. Our hearts want this to be true, but our heads are telling us there isn’t a chance.

Apple iPhone 5 to be released in October?

This rumour again comes from Foxconn, but this time from much higher up the chain. Speaking to a South Korean newspaper, Foxconn’s head of human resources said the device is being prepared for an autumn launch.

This one we can actually believe – it’s in keeping with Apple’s past iPhone launches, and makes a lot more sense than June!