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Apple iPhone 5 – the rumours build up

A leak of pictures claiming to show the long-awaited iPhone 5 have sparked renewed interest in rumours ahead of the smartphone’s release, with images of the device’s reverse sending the rumour mill into overdrive.

- picture above by 9to5Mac

Speculation over the iPhone 5 has been going since last year, when the upgraded iPhone 4S caused some disappointment to mobile phone users who expected a whole new handset.

Now, with rumours that the iPhone 5 will debut this June, the leaked pictures have given consumers plenty to get excited about. But what is expected from Apple’s next smartphone offering?

iPhone 5 improved screen

According to reports, the latest mobile device from Apple will feature a screen with an improved resolution of 1136 x 640. In terms of the size of the display, few details have been released.

That being said, there is much speculation that Apple will use the iPhone 5 to debut a new screen which measures in excess of 4 inches – to mirror the likes of rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy S3.

More storage in the iPhone 5

With smartphones playing a more integral part of our lives with each new development, it seems only natural to assume that Apple will kit its new model out with the biggest storage capacities it can muster.

With 64GB models already available on the market, some fear there is little Apple can do to enhance this already expansive storage space. But there is no denying that we would all like to see it achieved!

Not the iPhone 5?

Perhaps the most controversial suggestion over the new iPhone is that it may get a new title. While Apple is known for its simplistic and iconic numbering system when it comes to new models’ names, it overthrew all that with the launch of the latest iPad.

Whether the model will get an entirely new name or simply be dubbed the new ‘iPhone’ in an attempt to overwrite previous models continues to be debated but, whatever you call it, none of us can wait to get our hands on this exciting piece of technology.

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