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Apple iPhone 5 rumours: top YouTube videos

Apple’s iPhone 4S enjoyed huge sales at the end of last year, despite being a bit of a letdown for many customers.

And now Apple fans, and the world of technology in general, are looking forward to the tech giant’s next smartphone offering: the iPhone 5.

Of course, there has been pretty much no information from Apple itself. But that has never stopped the technology rumour mill before.

And what better way to soak up any juicy rumour than a YouTube video? Here is a round-up of some of the best iPhone 5 YouTube videos, featuring rumours, speculation, and pure fantasy.

iPhone 5 Concept Features

This was one of the most-watched tech videos of the past year, racking up a whopping 42 million views. The concepts it shows us are pretty unbelievable, and we’re not sure exactly how Apple would fit them into a pocket sized device.

But with a laser keyboard, holographic display and ultra thin body, if the iPhone 5 is anywhere near as good as this video suggests, we’re in for a treat.

iPhone 5 release date

This video from tech website Mashable gives us all kinds of rumour and speculation, on everything from the release date to the much-hyped brand new design.

iPhone 5 3D?

Giving us yet more speculation, this video looks at whether the iPhone 5 will feature 3D technology, amongst other things.

This is an unlikely feature, but there is a chance we may see it on the iPhone 5S – only about two years to go then.