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Apple iPhone 5 rumour update: will it have NFC?

With the iPhone 5 continuing to dominate headlines throughout the technology world, the latest rumours have suggested that Apple’s upcoming incarnation could offer near field communication (NFC) alongside numerous other features – but what does this mean for us?

NFC is already an established term within the world of technology and has been utilised in a range of devices. A crucial component for mobile communications, the potential inclusion of NFC in the next Apple smartphone is one iPhone 5 rumour which is sure to win plenty of admirers eager to see these iconic devices enter the world of facilitated mobile payments.

NFC features

According to the rumour, the new iPhone 5 will feature an integrated NFC chip and antenna. A wireless technology with a range of a few meters, NFC can be used with car terminals throughout the world, making it ideal for contact mobile payments.

With their Passbook app set to address this corner of the market, it is assumed that Apple’s integrated NFC service will be heavily linked to this feature.

Passbook is an e-wallet app which will feature in iOS 6 and allow users to store electronic copies of boarding passes, shopping vouchers, cinema tickets and loyalty cards, thus facilitating payments.

Rivalling Google Wallet

With other manufacturers attempting to pioneer their own NFC technologies, with Google’s Wallet just one example, Apple’s decision over NFC is likely to be hugely important.

A survey of experts conducted earlier in the year saw more than half of them state that mobile payments would be fully adopted by 2020, making the need to carry cash and credit cards all but obsolete.

The chance that Apple could therefore be offering an integrated NFC service within their newest smartphones would signal a huge development for mobile users, intensifying the dominant position these gadgets always hold in our lives.

Of course, only time will tell whether Apple will unveil such a service and whether it will prove successful or not – and we can’t wait to find out.

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