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Apple iPhone 5 release: June, October, or neither?

Whenever a new product is released by Apple, the one question on people’s lips is always ‘when is the next one coming out?’

It’s like this for a release from any computer company, such is the nature of the tech world – and the fickleness of tech fans.

But it seems we get a little antsier when it comes to Apple products. We always want to see what the innovative Cupertino company will do next.

Having said that, there aren’t too many people out there asking when the next iPad will be released. But that’s only because we’re too busy thinking about Apple’ next mobile device – the iPhone 5.

There is certainly one coming this year – that much is sure. But as for when we’ll see the device – that is a little more uncertain.

The two main schools of thought seem to be either a summer release, around June, or an autumn release of around October. But which will it be?

Apple iPhone 5 to be released in June

The first four iPhones were all released in the summer, roughly a year apart from each other. But then Apple went rogue and released the iPhone 4S is October.

We were all suitably stunned, with the delay rumoured to be down to Apple trying and failing to include LTE in the 4S.

But some reports have suggested that we’ll get a surprise June release for the next iPhone. And with the Galaxy S3 set for a summer release, Apple may want to go head-to-head with its fiercest rival.

Apple iPhone 5 to be released in October

It may have put an end to its regular summer release with the iPhone 4S, but Apple is unlikely to want to release another device within a year.

With the new iPad receiving critical acclaim, and a new line of MacBook Pro laptops set for the summer, Apple will surely want to give the iPhone its own time in the spotlight.


After last year’s delayed iPhone release, there’s no telling what the US tech giant will do with its next mobile device.

We can certainly expect one this year, but if Apple has trouble with the design or features on the new iPhone we could be waiting a while.