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Apple iPhone 5 launch: Will we see a next-gen iPod Touch?

After months of speculation and debate, the launch of Apple’s next-gen smartphone is now a matter of days away.

OK, so we don’t actually know for sure whether the iPhone 5 will be launched at the Apple press event on Wednesday, but we’d be pretty shocked if it wasn’t.

The Apple rumour mill has gone into overdrive ever since the press invite was released by Apple recently, with all sorts of wild claims flying around.

From exciting and cutting-edge new features in the iPhone 5, to other new products at the launch, no stone has been left unturned by the tech world speculators.

One of the latest rumours to do the rounds is the launch of a next-gen iPod Touch at the press event. So can we expect a revamped Touch come Wednesday?

Next-gen iPod Touch

The iPod is the product that transformed Apple into the tech powerhouse it is today, but sales of the quintessential mp3 player have been dwindling in recent years.

The iPod Touch is certainly a great device, but many users simply don’t see the point if they already have an iPhone. But that could all change if the latest rumours are to be believed.

According to reports, Apple is set to unveil a new 4-inch iPod Touch with a 16:9 display – the same that is expected on the iPhone 5.

Aside from the design and display, the new iPod Touch is expected to feature the same specs and form factor as its predecessor, although some have suggested we’ll see an A5 processor under the bonnet.

iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle

Rumours abound that we’ll also see some other new additions to the iPod family, in the form of a new Nano and Shuffle.

The new iPod Nano is expected to ditch its square shape in favour of a taller design, and may come with a home button.

The iPod Shuffle is rumoured to see a less radical redesign, with an expanded range of colour choices the biggest change.

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