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Apple iPhone 5 – latest rumour round-up

The Apple rumour mill never sleeps, but it
has recently be more concerned Apple’s next tablet offering – the iPad 3.

But with all the hearsay and
rumour-spreading about the iPad 3, we’ve been neglecting another of Apple’s big
products this year – the iPhone 5.

OK, so Apple’s next smartphone offering isn’t
due out for a quite a while still. But that has never stopped us speculating before.

It’s fair to say that, despite initial
disappointment, the iPhone 4S is a pretty awesome smartphone. And the sales
reflect this – sales in the fourth quarter of 2011 put Apple firmly at the top of
the pile, helped in no small part by the 4S.

So even though it looks like Apple will
milk the 4S for all its worth, we thought we’d catch up with the iPhone 5
rumour mill to see what we’ve missed while we’ve been obsessing over the iPad
. So what are the latest iPhone 5 rumours?

Apple iPhone 5 unveiling

Mobile World Congress is in a couple of
weeks’ time, but we’d be foolish to even dream of an iPhone 5 showing there.

A far more likely scenario is at the Apple
Worldwide Developers Conference in June. That’s according to Taiwanese website
Digitimes, anyway. But the hype around the iPhone 5 will be so high, that we
may see it given its own event after WWDC.

Apple iPhone 5 release date

If we see an unveiling in June, or soon
after, then we could be seeing a release date of around autumn. This wouldn’t
be surprising, as Apple will want to give the iPhone 4S as much time in the limelight
as possible.

Apple iPhone 5 to be waterproof?

Apple’s devices aren’t famous for their
durability, with some users having to shell out for a new one after one accidental
drop on the ground.

But they could be about to get that little bit
more life-friendly. According to reports, the iPhone 5 could feature a something
called Liquipel – a technology that will give the device a special
nano-coating, making it waterproof.