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Apple iPhone 5 Expert Review – Why upgrade from an iPhone 4S?

Apple iPhone 5

Rating: ★★★★★

Being an Apple lover and having owned all the iPhone models since their launch, I couldn’t resist the urge to remain a loyal fan, since I love the applications, functionality and networking possibilities across my different Apple gadgets.

Upgrading to the iPhone 5 was certainly the right move for me even though for a split second, I may have considered an Android phone.

Find out below the reasons why I went for the new iPhone 5 model.


The iPhone 5 weighs in at 112 grams and is a mere 7.6mm thick although is no wider than previous models. However, it is longer and means you can fit more apps on each page before having to swipe to the next.

Apple’s new iPhone 5 has a slimmer body with a metal casing and is 7.6mm, whereas the iPhone 4s glass front and back is thicker at 9.3mm.

A slimmer, lighter weight design is very appealing to the eye. However, it does feel a little odd to hold at first after being used to a chunkier design. It almost feels rather delicate and prone to damage, especially with the coated metal sides, which are very easy to scratch.

In fact, I didn’t even dare use it until I had bought an appropriate case and screen protectors for it.

The iPhone 5 uses the same recessed home buttons as the previous model, however it does appear to have a slightly springier response.

The fifth model also has many of the same features and controls on the body as the older model including the circular-sized volume controls, mute switches, responsive power buttons, microphones, as well as the internal speakers.


The iPhone 5 widescreen is an impressive 4 inch 640 x 1136 Retina Display, half an inch larger than the iPhone 4S’ 3.5-inch 640 x 960 Retina Display. This is particularly useful for when watching your movies or during gaming, as well as being able to pack lots more apps onto each screen.

The iPhone 5 produces it’s colours, brightness output and viewing angles at a noticeably superior quality from the 4S. Plus, images are sharp and clarity is superb, especially in bright sunlight.

Still Camera

The newer iPhone 5 benefits from a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, versus the 0.3-megapixel one on the iPhone 4S.

However, Apple has redesigned the lens and is fitted with a new backside illuminated sensor and a sapphire lens, which provides better image quality than the iPhone 4S.

When testing the camera’s performance, I have to admit I found very little difference in quality between the two phones in well lit conditions. However, in low light conditions, the iPhone 5 images appeared better and details appeared slightly sharper.

Video Camera

Both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 offer 1080p video recording and the overall quality from both handsets are very similar.

They both provide quality footage, rich sound and fast moving frame rates.

Call Quality

A  stand-out feature for the iPhone 5 is the call quality.

Clarity of voices and loud speaker options are much improved from the 4S and the noise-cancellation feature mutes wind noise for a much better performance.


A major overhaul on the iPhone’s design where connectivity is concerned, is the new 8-pin connector. Love it or hate it, it replaces the old 30-pin connector and it’s smaller connector means all the original docking stations and audio docks are now no longer compatible!

However, all is not lost as Apple do offer a convertor that enables you to still use the older charging devices.

And, it’s not just the connector that’s reduced in size either. Where the iPhone 4S used a tiny microSIM, the new iPhone 5 now uses an even smaller nano-SIM, which means you need to apply for the new card to able to retain your existing number.

Power & Battery

Apple claims that the processor of the iPhone 5 is twice as fast as that of the iPhone 4S. Just to clarify, the iPhone 5 has 1GB ram 1 GHz dual-core A6 processor whereas the iPhone 4 has 800MHz dual-core Apple A5 CPU coupled with 512MB of RAM.

Storage seems to remain the same with a maximum capacity of 64GB.

Even with it’s more powerful features, the iPhone 5 still manages to retain a durable battery life that matches that of the iPhone 4S, which is very reassuring.


The new apple earphones or “EarPods” sport a modern, slightly futuristic design that feature a main and secondary grill on each “pod,” as well as an inline remote/microphone for calling.

The Pods are designed to rest at the edge of your ear canal with the main grill directed straight into it. This provides a snug and comfortable fit and ultimately enhances your overall enjoyment during use.

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  • Slim design
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  • Smaller connector


With many features remaining comparatively similar to the iPhone 4S, you may wonder whether it’s worth switching over?

To summarise exactly what you would be getting; You will enjoy a larger screen for gaming and watching your movies, improved calling quality, better photography in low light as well as an improved slimline design.

Maybe this isn’t enough to make your decision to swap over but being a gadget lover myself, I didn’t need much convincing and just couldn’t resist! I love it!

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