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Apple iPhone 5 Event 2012 – Live Blog

So the Apple event comes to an end with the Foo Fighters closing the show. What did you make of it all? Worth the wait? Just put a deposit down on a Galaxy S3? Let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the article!

LIVE – Apple event September 2012

20:05 / 8:05pm – So to re-cap on tonight’s event in San Fransisco…

The new iPhone 5 is here and it looks pretty much as we expected. Thinner and longer with a 4″ retina display fitting in an extra row of icons. 4G LTE for the UK (a big win), extended battery life, an updated 8MP iSight camera with a host of new features to play with, the new A6 processor which is twice as fast as the A5 (apparently) and iOS 6 which brings new Maps and Photostream. Oh, and a new dock… think that’s it!

New iTunes gets a design overhaul and 2 new buttons making it easier to arrange and sort playlists. There’s also a mini player and iCloud and Facebook Like integration throughout.

The new iPod Nano will once again be able to play video content on it’s 2″ display, there’s also improved FM radio and bluetooth functionality.

The new iPod Touch will feature the same 4″ display on the iPhone 5, will pack the A5 processor and will now come in 5 colour flavours. Also a 5MP iSight camera to boot!

New ‘amazing’ Apple headphones took 3 years to develop (still not convinced) and will ship as standard with iPhone 5 and both new iPods.

JOB DONE! What are your thoughts on tonight’s event? Let us know in the comments section or send us a tweet @pluggedinteam!

20:00 / 8:00pm – The homepage has been updated with the tag line – “The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone”


19:57 / 7:57pm – Tim Cook is back on stage. Looks like a recap rather than an Apple style ‘one last thing’ announcement. He says that “Apple has never been stronger”. And it looks that way after a solid event tonight.

Tim introduces “An incredible band” leaves the stage to the Foo Fighters! Way to close a show Tim! Maybe you can chat to Dave Grohl after the show about that limestone in Barcelona…

19:50 / 7:50pm – No update to iPod Shuffle or Classic. Onto the pricing…

Shuffle will sell at $49, new Nano at $149 for 16GB, 4th gen Touch goes for $199 for 16GB and the new Touch 32GB will be $299 respectively.

19:47 / 7:47pm – Joswiak shows off 3 years of hard work and claims:

“The shape of the EarPod is actually defined by the geometry of your ear, but they don’t create a seal the way other in-ear headphones do,”

They will ship as standard with the iPhone 5, new iPod touch and new iPod nano. My ears can’t wait!

19:41 / 7:41pm – Headphones are now the agenda and Greg Joswiak is on. He says:

“We’ve spent three years designing a new headphone… and we call them EarPods”

Seems a bit excessive… they must be AMAZING!

19:36 / 7:36pm – iPod Touch will have the same 4″ display as the iPhone 5. 6mm thin and will pack the A5 processor.

“We’ve made it out of this really high quality anodized aluminium”

No surprise that the iPod Touch will be aimed at gamers and will pose direct competition to Sony and Nintendo.

Specs are looking solid! 5-megapixel iSight camera, up to 40 hours of video and 8 hours of music playback, AirPlay Mirroring and Siri, everyone’s favourite voice butler. Oh, and there’s some funky new colours to boot!

19:26 / 7:26pm – New iTunes will be out in October. Now there’s a look at the new iPods…

Shane Richmond introduces the new iPod Nano:

“Nano is getting yet another form factor change. Is this a sign that Apple doesn’t know where it fits? iPod Nano goes back to a rectangle shape; it’s very thin and light and has the new connector”

Nano will support video once more on a 2.5″ display. FM radio and bluetooth built in.

19:22 / 7:22pm – iPhone pricing update – same as the 4S so 6, 32 and 64GB at $199, $299 and $399 respectively.

19:20 / 7:20pm – New iTunes mini player receives a round of applause from the audience. Also features ‘coming next’ button. Here’s a lil snap!

19:15 / 7:15pm – Eddy Cue is on to chat about iTunes and iPod. New iTunes design for iOS 6 with integrated Facebook Likes (something to keep Zuckerburg happy).

Edge-to-edge design with built in iCloud.

New ‘coming next’ and ‘up next’ buttons to arrange playlists and promote songs to the front of the queue. A nice addition for party time!

19:12 / 7:12pm – Phil is back on the stage.

Pre-orders will commence September 14th (Friday) and the device will begin shipping on September 21st to the following countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia, France & Germany. 100 countries by December.

iPhone 5 will come in black and white as expected. Couldn’t really see Apple being as bold for iPhone as they have been for iPod.

19:10 / 7:10pm – Scott is running through Passbook. Still no word on mobile payments unfortunately.

New Photostream for iPhone 5 which Mark Zuckerburg will surly be worried about as it poses direct competition to Instagram.

18:55 / 6:55pm – Scott Forstall is on stage and talking about iOS 6 and iCloud…

New Apple maps will include turn-by-turn navigation, satellite imaging and 3D building rendering. Looks like the choice to ditch Google wasn’t such a bad idea.

18:50 / 6:50pm – As expected, there’s a new smaller dock connector code name “Lightning”. Phil explains that the old one “served us well for almost a decade”

It’s 80% smaller and Apple are ‘in talks’ with accessory manufacturers. Be prepared to shell out some doe!

18:48 / 6:48pm – Front facing camera has been upgraded for 720p video which is great for FaceTime. Depending on who you call… obviously.

18:42 / 6:42pm – Camera update… iSight rear facing camera is 8 mega pixels and will have a max resolution of 3264 x 2248.

Image speed capture has also been improved by 40% from the iPhone 4S which, we have to say has a brilliant camera!

Panorama images can be ‘stitched’ together to form images of up to 20 mega pixeLs. WOW!

18:38 / 6:38pm - Shiny new smaller more powerful camera! 25% smaller in fact with a new low-light feature and panorama. I can see photo app developers salivating right now…

Also, the A6 processor is not just faster with the graphics but apparently twice as fast across the board than the A5. Not too shabby!

18:34 / 6:34pm – On to the battery and one of the main problems for recent iPhone’s.

“not only matches but exceeds the battery life of the 4S”

Doesn’t exactly fill us with confidence Phil… not sold. But at least we know what to expect!

18:29 / 6:29pm – Phil Schiller now on stage claims:

“It’s the most beautiful product we’ve ever made,”

A 5th row of icons added thanks to the 16:9 aspect ratio display. Now onto the processor… Phil says that the A6 is twice as fast meaning there’s some pretty awesome gaming coming our way!

18:24 / 6:24pm - 4G LTE confirmed. Amazing news for us in the UK with Everything Everywhere coming soon.

iPhone 5 looks pretty much as we have been expecting. Slightly thinner and slightly longer.

18:18 / 6:18pm - iPhone 5 time!

“The hardware and software engineering that has gone into this product is the most challenging our team has ever taken on”

18% thinner and 20% lighter plus the expected 4″ 1136 x 640 resolution display. All good so far!

18:15 / 6:15pm – Apparently Macbooks had more market share PCs in the US over the last 3 months! iPad claims a 68% market share – nothing out of the ordinary there.

iPad accounts for 91% of all web traffic from tablets!

“I don’t know what these other tablets are doing,”

Tim has the claws out already!

18:10 / 6:10pm – Tim is talking about limestone… Limestone they used to build the Apple store in Barcelona. Tim really knows how to get the party started…

18:00 / 6:00pm – And we’re off! Apple CEO Tim Cook takes to the stage… no doubt we’ll start with the usual sales spiel about Apple ruling the world… Side note – No coincidence that #4GEE is currently trending on Twitter!

17:30 / 5:30pm - Hi all! Live blogging will begin at 6pm GMT so check back soon! Feeling the hype yet? Leave a comment at the bottom of the article or send us a tweet @pluggedinteam!

The wait is finally over!

At 6pm GMT Apple will kick off their long awaited iPhone 5 event in San Fransisco putting an end once and for all to the ridiculous amount of rumours and speculation we’ve endured over the past few months.

With a full design overhaul expected, as well as a host of new features from iOS 6, tonight is shaping up to be one hell of an Apple event.

Here’s when coverage will begin in your timezone:

San Francisco – 10:00 / 10am
New York – 13:00 / 1pm
London – 18:00 / 6pm
Berlin – 19:00 / 7pm
Abu Dhabi – 21:00 / 9pm
Singapore – 01:00 / 1am
Tokyo – 02:00 / 2am
Sydney – 03:00 / 3am

In the meantime, why not whet your appetite with our run-down of the latest iPhone 5 rumours doing the rounds along with what else we may be expecting form tonight’s event.

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