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Apple iPhone 5 due for 21 September release?

The Apple iPhone 5 rumour mill is in full swing at the moment, with plenty of heated debate over the who, what, when and how of one of the most anticipated devices of the year.

OK, so maybe the ‘who’ isn’t at the top of the rumour priority list, but the ‘when’ most certainly is. All manner of dates have been put forward, but Apple has done what it does best and kept us firmly in the dark.

There were even some suggestions that we’d see the iPhone 5 in June, but this is looking pretty unlikely now it’s July and everything.

We can be fairly sure that we’ll see the device this year. With the Samsung Galaxy S3 already passing the ten million sales mark, Apple is surely chomping at the bit to challenge its bitter rival once again.

Latest iPhone 5 release date rumours

As we draw ever closer to the one-year anniversary of the iPhone 4S’s release, Apple will find it harder and harder to keep a lid on leaks. So we can start taking these release date rumours with a slightly smaller pinch of salt from now on.

In an exciting development, a number of reports have placed the release date for the sixth iPhone at 21 September.

Two tech sites, PhoneArena and App4Phone, have cited unnamed sources (unsurprisingly) which claim that the iPhone 5 will be launched on the fifth Friday in September.

Any truth to the rumours?

It’s worth mentioning that neither website has a particularly great track record with release date estimates. Having said that, these are not the first reports of a 21 September release date.

An accessories maker in China has also claimed that this will be the date for the big release, as they were apparently told to prepare for that date by Apple.

Not only that, but 21 September is shortly before the end of Apple’s fourth fiscal quarter, so would be the perfect time to make the transition into a new product range. This is all subject to change of course, but you never know!

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