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Apple iPhone 5 display rumours and news

With the Galaxy S3, the latest high-end device from Samsung, about to hit the shops, the tech world has momentarily forgotten about Apple.

Of course, the California-based company is never that far from the technology headlines. But the excitement around the S3 is overwhelming.

Almost ten million pre-orders for the device have already been placed, and the device is unlikely to be beaten over the summer.

But the S3’s supremacy could hit a snag come the autumn, when the next generation iPhone is likely to be released. The rumours surrounding Apple’s next smartphone never really go away, with new ones emerging pretty much every week.

It can be tricky to keep track of every last bit of speculation, let alone assessing whether or not they will actually come true. So what are the latest iPhone 5 rumours?

Apple iPhone 5 screen size

The latest rumours to start flying concern the next iPhone’s display. We’ll start with the screen size, which has been the subject of heated debate since the release of the iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be sporting a different design to previous models, with many suggesting it will be slightly bigger.

The latest reports suggest that we’ll see a taller screen on the iPhone 5, as leaked images of a longer front panel have started doing the rounds. Sources claim that the panel in the image is for the upcoming iPod Touch, but it suggests that a similar size could be used on the next iPhone.

Apple iPhone 5 retina display

It’s not just the screen that’s the subject of debate – rumours over the display quality are also circulating. According to reports, Apple is currently testing a number of new iPhone models, at least one of which features a 640 x 1,136-pixel retina display.

Rumours also abound that Apple is considering a fifth row of icons being added to the home screen, to make use of the extra screen space.

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