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Apple iPhone 5 complaints mount up

The latest iPhone has been out in the wild for almost a week now, with millions of users around the world getting their hands on the must-have device.

A huge rush of sales is to be expected with the launch of any Apple product, but the furore around the iPhone 5 has been especially intense.

Maybe it was because we only got an iPhone 4S last year, maybe it was because we were expecting some never-before-seen features (at least in an iPhone) to make an appearance.

Whatever the reason, the iPhone 5 has already been a runaway success and it’s barely been on the shelves a week.

But will the high sales be short lived? Users have complained of a number of issues with the device, and a different problem seems to be cropping up every day. So what have been the top complains so far?

Apple Maps in the iPhone 5

The first and most well-documented issue was, of course, Apple Maps. The new mapping service from Apple itself promised some cool features, but failed to deliver on the basics.

Issues raised by users include a poor in-app search tool, along with some towns in the wrong place – or missing completely!

iPhone 5 durability

Another problem that some users have been complaining of recently is the iPhone 5’s durability. Web forums have been abuzz with users claiming the aluminium body is prone to marks and scratches.

Not only have customers had scuffs appearing easily, some have even said their handset came with nicks and marks straight out of the box.

iPhone 5 camera glitch

One of the most recent complaint users have is with the iPhone 5’s camera – it seems that no part of the device is safe!

A glitch on some iPhone 5 cameras creates a purple halo in a picture when a strong light source is just out of shot. The precise reason for this is unclear, but it could be to do with the sapphire lens cover.

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