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Apple iPhone 5 announcement: 4 October?

Apple looks likely to be announcing the new iPhone 5 on 4 October, keeping it in line with expected release dates.

According to sources quoted by All Things Digital, the event has been scheduled for the start of the month ahead of a mid-October iPhone 5 release date.

While this is a long way from a confirmed media alert from Apple, given it’s almost certain the iPhone 5 will launch in the middle of October Jobs’ Lot was expected to hold an event soon and a Tuesday certainly fits the bill.

iPhone 5 launch

The sources claim the event will see the iPhone 5 launching within a few weeks of the announcement, which ties in nicely with the mid-October launch.

Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO, is set to lead the event, although speculation over whether Steve Jobs is going to appear will continue until the new device is shown off.

Of course, all of this could be complete bunkum given it’s only ‘sources close to Apple’ – but we fully expect a ‘save the date’ alert from the brand any day now.

Apple iPhone 5 announcement: 4 October?