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Apple iPhone 4S Siri: Beware Data Consumption

Apple’s new iPhone 4S voice recognition software Siri could leave users with hefty data charges, new research shows.

The new Siri service, which is available on all new iPhone 4S models, leaves users consuming almost twice as much data as earlier iPhone models. Research run by network firm Arieso confirmed that due to the ease with which Siri can be used it inevitably leads to consumers using their Smartphone functions more often.

Siri was originally a standalone app released for the iPhone 4, but it was since rolled out as part of every iPhone 4S.

Technology fans have fallen for Siri, with plenty of viral videos poping up on YouTube showcasing how the software struggles with issues such as abortion and the Scottish accent.

Apple Siri

But while Siri can work okay in terms of setting up reminders and asking simple questions (particularly when down the pub and you want to show off to your non-Apple iPhone 4S owning friends), as an organisational tool for daily life many end users have found it somewhat frustrating.

Interestingly Siri is not a new Apple invention. The original company who built it, which is also called Siri, had planned to release versions for BlackBerry and Android phones, but the company was bought by Apple in 2010 to ring-fence Siri for Apple use only. The iOS app itself was pulled from the App Store before the big iPhone 4S announcement – no doubt in the hope that it would push up demand and sales for the new iPhone 4S.

How can Siri improve?

One area that would be great if Apple could fix for later Siri incarnations is the ability for the voice recognition software to offer better functionality. The ability to read out email messages, for example, would be great. At present the technology can read incoming text messages but not incoming email messages. The same is true for eBooks and longer messages: Siri cannot do it, but Android users can with a free Vlingo app. Surely this is something that Apple need to fix.

Taking a look at data useage from the device could be another great way to improve, too.