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Apple iPad with Wi-Fi Review

Apple iPad

Rating: ★★★★★

Having never owned any Apple products up until now and living with a staunch supporter of PC’s…whose faces puckers at the mere mention of Apple I was a bit …Hmm I would love to know what Apple is about.

So…fast forward a little and I am now the proud parent of an Apple iPad.

The iPad comes in six variations WiFi model only 16, 32 and 64 GB and then there is the Wifi + 3G model also 16, 32 and 64 GB. WiFi only models range from £439 up to £612 depending on the size capacity you go for. 3G models start at £541 rising to £714 at the top end.

I personally own the lowest priced..non 3G model. To be honest this suits me just fine as it is something that I am only likely to use at home anyway, so 3G isn’t really required for my needs.
If you want to be able to take it out and about with you then you might think in investing in one of the 3G models although this then will obviously add more expense as you will need to pay for a data package.

Essentially it is a pc/laptop/mac just a small compact one! Without a extra keyboard! The screen is 9.7inch, which I think is a great’s not too small that it makes it difficult to use for long periods of time and again not too big that it becomes a pain to hold. Anything that you can do really on your pc you can do on the iPad. Typing on this touchscreen is an absolute’s the first time I have used a touch screen to type and it has surprised me how easy it is to use!

The first thing I noticed after the pure sleekness of it, was in the first use of it…How fast it is! It has a 1Ghz processor which I suppose accounts for the speediness!

Apps galore as well! Most do cost but there are a lot of free apps to get you started in the world of apps! iBooks is a great one if, like me, you are an avid reader..I must admit this is a major reason why I wanted one! All those books at your fingertips!

It can be used as a Digital Photo frame…I know I know an expensive photo frame but it is one of the icons that is default in the settings, so worth a mention!

The sound when playing music is great. HD viewing of Videos is truly glorious!

The Kids will love this, the first thing my 6 year old wanted to do was watch Peppa Pig…and it handles YouTube beautifully! Next the 14 year old…she found a charming little app, a game that you squeeze spots! errgh! My Partner? he plumped for a Piano keyboard! Me? Straight for the books and the how to manual of Apple iPad! You get a virtual bookshelf too!

One big plus is if you are someone who likes to escape the sanctuary of the Bathroom(toilet!) with a book, then the iPad is great for this…check twitter and facebook, your email…. while you do your business! sorry!

I know this is a bit of a girly review and not hi-tech specs..but sometimes you just want to know what you can do with something rather than the geeky specs! lol

Invest in a protective case for it as a priority though because if you are like me you will want to protect it with your life!lol


  • Up to 10 hour Battery usage
  • Super are amazing
  • So many Additions that you can get to go with it!
  • Apps Galore


  • is not capable of playing Flash video/graphics
  • The is fairly expensive even the lowest spec model
  • gets dirty with fingerprints very quickly!


Ok so in summary I really would highly recommend this little piece of kit! I found it very very easy to write the pro’s for this and extremely difficult to list the cons which I think speaks for itself! This really is worth all the hype that is has been given over the past 14 months since it was released.

If you are umming and ahhing over whether to get one or not…I say go for it…you honestly will not regret it!

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