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Apple iPad will continue to dominate until 2016

Computing giant Apple is no stranger to success, with the iPad and iPhone racking up millions of dollars in profit for the company

The lead-up to any Apple product launch inevitably causing mass hysteria amongst fans the world over – today’s launch of the iPhone 5 being a case in point.

Now forecasts from research firm IDC have revealed that Apple’s stronghold of the tablet market will continue for the next four years, leaving other leading tablet makers playing a constant game of catch up.

Apple iPad set to remain in pole position

According to IDC, various Apple tablets claimed 57.2% of the market in 2011, and a figure that is set to reach 60% in 2012.

This outperforms Android by some distance. Android took a 38.9% share of the market in 2011, and is set to dip to 35.3% this year.

Fast-forward to 2016 and Apple tablets still come out on top, with a forecasted 58% of the market, compared to Android’s 30.5% share.

A boom for other tablets?

Tom Mainelli, an analyst with IDC, argues that although Apple tablets will continue to reign supreme, other devices will begin to make their mark.

“Apple leads the market with its iPad and we expect its dominance to continue in the second half of the year,”

“Still, we believe there is room in the market for others to find success, and new Android and Windows-based products shipping in the coming months will give consumers plenty of buying options during the holiday season.”

Further predictions from IDC show that Windows tablets will see their share of the market soar in the next four years, growing from a figure of 1% in 2011 to an expected 11% in 2016.

While the findings of the research are hardly surprising, Apple could face a challenge i the form of the low-cost Android tablets currently hitting the market.

The likes of the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire come in at a sub £200 price tag, blowing Apple’s prices out of the water.

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