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Apple iPad Mini – what you need to know

The new iPad may barely have been announced, but Apple is rumoured to be readying a smaller version for release later this year.

You may have thought that with the new iPad unveiled last week and about to hit our stores, the Apple rumour mill might slow down for a little while.

But nothing can keep that beast quiet for long, and we’ve already got the latest piece of salacious gossip to keep us going until the next one.

In an unusual twist, the rumour started with a leaked document from Samsung – the fiercest of Apple’s many rivals.

The leak concerns the iPad Mini, an exciting new 7.85-inch tablet that Apple is reported to be releasing later this year. So what do we know about it so far?

Apple iPad Mini release date

According to the leak, the iPad Mini, which could also be called the iPad Nano, will make an appearance in the third quarter of this year.

Reports have suggested that Apple has been working on the smaller tablet for some time, and is timing its release to tie-in with the iPhone 5 – which is due for a Q3 release.

Apple’s change of heart

The iPad Mini would be a huge departure for Apple, which has never strayed from the traditional tablet size for all its iPads.

Steve Jobs was particularly against smaller iPad sizes, saying they hinder the ability of the tablet and aren’t big enough to create decent apps.

While many users enjoy the ease-of-use of a smaller tablet, Jobs felt that people would have to “sand down their fingers to around one quarter of their present size” to use a 7-inch device.

But with the rise in popularity of the Amazon Kindle Fire, and Google’s expected 7-inch tablet this summer, it seems Apple wants a piece a piece of the action.