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Apple iPad Mini – what we want to see

Apple’s latest iPad may still be in the early stages of its lifecycle, but many Apple fans are already getting excited about the next tablet from the US tech giant.

The iPad Mini has been the source of much debate and gossip recently, with reports coming from a Chinese web portal that Apple is preparing to release six million iPad Minis in autumn this year.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that rumours of a scaled-down iPad have done the rounds. There was even talk of a mini version before the original iPad was released back in 2010.

But this time around there is a little more weight to the claims, as the success of compact tablets like the Kindle Fire from Amazon has not gone unnoticed by Apple.

And with upcoming tablets using the Windows 8 OS, as well as rumours of a Google Nexus tablet, Apple will want to keep hold of its dominance in the market.

The iPad Mini is rumoured to have a 7.85 inch screen, and will be sold for considerably less than Apple’s usual prices. But what do we want to see in the device?

Retina display for iPad Mini

Easily the best feature of the new iPad, the retina display had fans and critics alike marvelling at the device when it was launched back in March.

Apple has certainly set the bar high for all tablets from now on, so we’d love to see the same high quality screen in any subsequent tablet , mini or not.

Siri for iPad Mini

A big omission from the latest iPad was Siri. The (sometimes) helpful voice recognition software didn’t quite make the cut for the new iPad, instead we got Voice Detection.

So we’d like to see Siri make its tablet debut on the iPad Mini. There may be some issues to be ironed out from the iPhone 4S version, but it’s still a pretty useful tool.

4G for iPad Mini

Given the new iPad’s 4G capabilities (in the US at least), the iPad Mini is likely to come with the super-fast connectivity too.

But rather than watch our friends in the States enjoy their high speeds while we have to make do with 3G, we could be close to 4G by the time the iPad Mini is released. At least that’s what we’re hoping.

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