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Apple iPad Mini – What features won’t be included?

The wait is nearly over, the final countdown is underway. That’s right, the Apple iPad Mini is very nearly upon us.

Of course, we don’t know beyond all doubt that the US tech giant will actually launch a scaled-down version of its hugely popular tablet at the California event today – but we’d be incredibly surprised if it didn’t.

The iPad Mini has been the subject of heated debate for weeks, and the speculation is reaching fever pitch ahead of tonight’s launch.

There has been all manner of suggestions about what we’ll see in the scaled-down iPad, some of which might come true, some of which won’t. So what features won’t we see in the iPad Mini?

Apple iPad Mini Retina Display

The stunning Retina Display on the latest full-sized iPad was one of the device’s key selling points, so there had been suggestions that we’d see the 2048×1536 resolution in the iPad Mini.

But the Retina Display is an expensive feature to include, and given that Apple is hoping to compete with the likes of the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 it’s unlikely to include the technology in the iPad Mini.

We can expect to see a resolution of 1024×768 instead, which is more than adequate and enables Apple to price the device competitively.

Apple iPad Mini A6 chip

Another part of the latest iPad that many had expected to see in the iPad Mini was the A6 chip, which powers the latest Apple tablet and the iPhone 5.

Delivering high speeds and improved battery life, the A6 is the driving force behind Apple’s flagship tablet and smartphone.

But again it comes down to costs, and Apple is likely to keep these down by including the A5 chip – as seen in the iPad 2 – in the iPad Mini.

Apple iPad Mini 3G?

The latest rumours doing the rounds claim that the iPad Mini will be a Wi-Fi only model, with no 3G option – let alone 4G.

This would obviously help keep costs down, and put the device on a par with the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7, but we’re not sure Apple will want to put fans off in this way.

A more likely scenario is that there will be entry-level models that offer Wi-Fi only, while pricier versions will ship with 3G (and maybe even 4G) connectivity.

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