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Apple iPad Mini – the rumours mount up

It is a device that has been the subject of speculation in the tech world for several years now, but this could be the year that we finally see the iPad Mini.

Ever since the first iPad was launched back in 2010, the tech world rumour-mongers have been prophesising the release of a smaller version.

But for the last couple of years Apple has enjoyed something of a monopoly in the tablet market, as Android devices failed to make an impact.

But with the likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire giving us the chance to enjoy a tablet for less than half the price of an iPad, there is more reason than ever for Apple to enter the low-end side of the market.

Apple iPad Mini launch

Fresh rumours have emerged this week, claiming that Apple will release an iPad Mini in October – in a joint launch with the iPhone 5.

The dual launch is an exciting prospect, but even more tantalising are the rumours of what features the scaled-down iPad will include.

Apple iPad Mini specs

According to the reports, the iPad Mini will be exactly the same as the new iPad released recently – just reduced in size to around seven inches.

That means we’ll see the same stunning retina display, offering a 2048×1536 resolution, but with a pixel density of 326ppi – the same as the iPhone 4S.

This rumour comes courtesy of Apple fansite iMore, which has a decent record of providing pretty accurate Apple rumours.

Apple iPad Mini price

Not only could we see another iPad by autumn this year, but it could go on sale for as little $200. Such a drastic price drop would mean Apple could make a loss on each unit sold.

But with its $100 billion cash reserves, it seems that Apple might be willing to take the hit just to eliminate the Android competition.

Whether these rumours are true remains to be seen, but if Apple wants to maintain its grip on an ever-changing tablet market, it’s going to need to do something.

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