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Apple iPad 4 release date, price and feature rumours

Now that the iPhone 5 – one of the most anticipated Apple products in years – has been released into the wild, you’d think that the Apple rumour mill would take a little break.

The hype surrounding the iPhone 5 was high even by Apple’s standards, with all sorts of crazy speculation flying around.

But it seems that the rumour mill never sleeps, especially when it comes to Apple. So which upcoming product has been given the rumour mill treatment recently? The iPad 4 of course!

The current iPad has barely out for four months but already we’re looking ahead to the next one. So what are the latest iPad 4 rumours?

Apple iPad 4 release date

While it’s unlikely that Apple will want to break its product life cycle, rumours abound that we could see the new iPad before the end of the year.

Speculation around an iPad Mini has been rife for some time now and some believe this is to be the next Apple tablet, rather than a full-sized iPad 4.

Several reports have suggested that we’ll see the iPad Mini launch this month, but we reckon a March 2013 launch date is probably more likely.

Apple iPad 4 price

If the next-generation iPad is indeed the iPad Mini, we can expect a pretty low price tag upon its release. With the likes of the Fire HD and Nexus 7 costing under £200, we’d expect a similar pricing for the iPad Mini.

We’re still taking any low cost rumour with a pinch of salt – this is Apple we’re talking about, not exactly famous for its low prices.

Apple iPad 4 features

Speculation over the iPad 4′s features has been fairly vague so far, but some reports claim it will be a fairly modest upgrade to the current iPad.

According to reports, the iPad 4 will have a slimmer body, smaller dock connector and improvements to reduce overheating. Also, rumours recently begun circulating that the next iPad will have an aspect ratio of 16:9, compared to the current iPad’s 4:3 screen.

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