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Apple iPad 3: What else will we see at the launch?

As it always does, Apple has sent the tech world crazy with one simple press invitation. Telling us it has something we “really have to see. And touch”, Apple has been typically coy.

The cryptic nature of the invitation has got the rumour mill whirring, with debate and speculation aplenty over what exactly the conference will include.

The invitation’s image alone has sparked endless debate. Where is the home button? Is this a completely new design for the iPad?

But it is the two-part tagline on the invite that has proven particularly perplexing for tech speculators the world over.

To many people, the words ‘We have something you really have to see. And touch’ would simply mean that iPad 3 is going to look great and possibly have a retina display.

But not for us techies, oh no. The tagline has sparked rumour of another device making an appearance at the press conference. But what device will it be?

Apple TV with iPad 3?

One of the first rumours to pop up after the press conference announcement concerned Apple TV. No, not the proposed TV set Apple is rumoured to be readying, but a new set-top box.

This could be what the ‘see’ part of the invitation was referring to, and the current et top box is due an upgrade to 1080p video streaming.

8GB iPad 2 with the iPad 3?

Rumours abound that we could see not one but two new iPads at the event next Wednesday. As well as the iPad 3, we could see a budget version of the iPad 2.

OK, so it’s not exactly a ‘new’ device, but certainly a new direction for Apple. The success of the Kindle Fire lends weight to this rumour, as Apple could want to release a device that can compete at the low-end. Having said that, we’re still taking this rumour with a hefty pinch of salt.

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