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Apple iPad 3 – Top 5 Rumours

It seems like the rumours have been circulating since the moment the iPad 2 came out. Will the iPad 3 be bigger? Smaller? Will it be 3D?

Us techies are a fickle bunch, never content with what’s currently on the market. We want more; we want the next big thing.

And if we don’t get it straight away, we speculate endlessly. Here is our pick of the top rumours circling the next big thing – the iPad 3.

Release date?

Many sources claimed the iPad 3 would get a late 2011 release, possibly in time for Christmas. But that doesn’t look likely anymore. We are now looking at a 2012 release of around March or April, which may mean we get a first look as early as January. It’ll be like a second Christmas!

No more brightness issues?

A bit of a complaint among iPad 2 customers, the issue of brightness is certainly one Apple need to address. Rumours are of dual-LED lightbar technology to brighten up the iPad’s display, which will be even more vital given the iPad 3’s expected 2048×1536 display.

Thicker than the iPad 2?

T3 have reported that the iPad 3 will actually be thicker than the iPad 2, to accommodate the larger lighting systems the tablet will need for the higher resolution display. The iPad 3 will reportedly be 0.7mm thick.

Cheaper than the iPad 2?

Apple once had the tablet market pretty much all to itself, but competition from all sides now threatens their dominance. And devices like the Amazon Kindle Fire have shown customers that you don’t have to spend the best part of £1000 on a tablet. Apple will always have a solid customer base, but many are suggesting the iPad 3 will have a much cheaper price tag to boost Apple’s reach.


We can’t get enough of 3D at the moment, and the iPad 3 rumour mill is no exception. But despite how cool this would be, we have to say it is very unlikely. Sorry.