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Apple iPad 3 Rumour: Clever CES ‘Spoiler’ or Real-Deal?

Whatever you think about Apple and Apple products one thing you can’t deny is the fact that they are the undisputed leaders in marketing. With the latest Apple iPad 3 rumours causing a stir online we ask: are the rumours real or are they simply clever marketing techniques?

Apple launches are historic events: consumers fight one another for the privilege to queue for hours on end to be the first to own one – blogs and social media practically collapse when a new product is unveiled. Could there be a new one on the horizon?

Apple iPad 3 rumours from the likes of Digitimes suggest that the iPad 3 could be with us as soon as March. Are they right? The signs appear to be there.

The mysterious Event

Apple has announced that there is a new Apple ‘event’ taking place at the end of the month. Is it the iPad 3 announcement? Or is it simply another great marketing event primed to get us all really interested in Apple during a lull and to whet our appetite for when the big announcement finally comes? Who knows for sure?

The rumour-mill builds

Ever wondered how these component suppliers manage to ‘leak’ important technology news about Apple products at a time that really seems convenient to Apple? The latest leak from a Taiwanese component supplier suggests that the iPad 3 will come with a QXGA resolution display (1536 by 2048 pixels). Conveniently it happens the same day a number of tech-rivals are at CES 2012 hoping to launch competition to Apple.

The iPad 3 rumours have the effect of pushing plenty of technology rivals who may be hoping to gain some well earned press and online coverage, further down the headlines, relegated in to second place because of Apple. It’s a great online technique if you know you have the mass-appeal a brand like Apple has.

Does it mean the iPad 3 is coming?

Maybe. Apple are certainly going to launch a new iPad this year. But it may also mean that someone at Apple is aware that the world’s largest consumer electronics show is taking place this week and lots of rivals are launching new electronic devices. So the latest iPad 3 rumour could just be a clever marketing ploy to try and steal the likes of Toshiba, Sony and Samsung’s thunder at CES. Only time will tell.

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