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Apple iPad 3: rumour busting

We can expect great things from the world of technology this year. We have exciting new smartphones, a raft of futuristic ultrabooks, and some great new games consoles.

And of course, we have the usual technological innovations from geniuses over at Apple. The iPhone 5 is due for release later this year, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Before any talk of Apple’s next foray into the smartphone market gets underway (although rumours are already making the rounds), let’s focus on its next big device – the iPad 3.

The tech world rumour mill is in full swing in the run-up to the iPad 3’s release. It has thrown out some pretty likely speculation, and plenty of pure fantasy.

And with everyone using a ‘trustworthy source’ to get a juicy rumour going, it can be hard to cut through the nonsense. So what iPad 3 rumours are the stuff of fiction?

Apple iPad 3 to be 3D?

3D was the breakaway technology of 2011, coming to film, TV and even a couple of smartphones. But once the initial excitement had worn off, many people realised they actually preferred good old 2D.

Apple is certainly an innovator when it comes to new technologies, and 3D would look great on the iPad’s large screen. But Apple is not one to follow trends, so will probably hold off on the 3D until a later date.

A cheaper iPad 3?

With new low-end tablets set to make an appearance this year, some have suggested that Apple will drop the price of the iPad 3 to compete.

But this is Apple we’re talking about; it knows that people will buy its products no matter what the price. A more likely scenario is a big drop in the price of the iPad 2.

Early February launch for Apple iPad 3?

Reports have suggested that Apple will announce the iPad 3 to the world in early February, with a general release in March.

While this is a bit more likely than it having 3D technology, Apple is not one to rush things. What better way to build hype than to delay the launch for as long as possible?

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