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Apple iPad 3 – Outrageous Rumours

As we draw ever closer to the launch of one of the biggest tech products of the year, the iPad 3 rumour mill is in full swing.

This is nothing new, of course. It seems like almost every day there is fresh batch of speculation, spawned by a leak of some kind.

Whether it’s a shot of the iPad 3’s casing, an image of the suspected screen, or even just a couple of screen shots from an Apple document, the leaks are coming thick and fast.

The expected launch date for the iPad 3 is 7th March – just a couple of weeks away. And as we get closer, it’ll be harder and harder for Apple to keep a lid on leaks.

Given the impending launch, the latest rumours and speculation have been given some added weight, and many will probably turn out to be pretty accurate.

But the iPad 3 rumour mill has been rumbling on for months now, with some pretty outlandish claims along the way. So what have been the most outrageous predictions so far?

3D Apple iPad 3

Last year was all about 3D technology. It was in pretty much every film, football games were available in 3D, and a raft of 3D TVs hit our stores.

So it was fairly unsurprising that rumours of a 3D iPad 3 started doing the rounds. And while it would probably look good, there is little need for this pretty overrated technology.

Holographic display in Apple iPad 3

There’s no denying that holographic displays look extremely cool, and there have been plenty of concept images of how it would look.

So some rather optimistic speculators were suggesting that the iPad 3 could be the first device to utilise the technology. But even for the innovators at Apple, a holographic display is pure fantasy.

Apple iPad 3 to iPad 2S

Apple has already stung us once with the ‘S’, disappointing millions of fans who had been waiting for an iPhone 5.

So it was no wonder that a rumour of an iPad 2S started doing the rounds. Not a completely outrageous claim, but a very unnerving one. We’ll certainly be holding our breath come March.