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Apple iPad 3 or Kindle Fire – which one should you wait for?

They are two of the most talked about devices in the world of technology at the moment, and neither one is on sale here.

We’re talking of course about the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Apple iPad 3. OK, so the iPad 3 isn’t on sale anywhere yet, but we’re still not happy about the lack of Kindle Fire in this country.

It seems a little ridiculous, but at the moment we know more about when the iPad 3 is going to come than we do about the Kindle Fire.

With a rumoured launch date of early March, the iPad 3 is allegedly only a matter of weeks away. And if the spec rumours are to be believed, it is going to be the tablet to beat.

But the Kindle Fire has had rave reviews from around the world, and has been hailed as a ‘game-changer’ by some. So which device should you wait for?

Apple iPad 3

As the launch date draws ever closer, it looks as though Apple is finding it harder and harder to keep a lid on leaks.

Some of the latest ones appear to show what the rumour mill had been saying for a while – a high-res retina display, a quad-core processor and a slightly thicker body.

Apple seems to be really stepping up its game with the iPad 3 – completely outdoing the iPad 2 in all areas. But don’t expect that kind of technology to come cheap, the iPad 3 is expected to have a typically high price tag.

Amazon Kindle Fire

No such money worries with this tablet – the Kindle Fire is currently retailing for $200 in the States. This means we’ll probably see a Kindle Fire cost of around £200.

For this price, Amazon had to cut some corners. We won’t see the features on the Fire that we’d expect as standard on the iPad 3.

By this we mean 3G connectivity (we may also see LTE on the iPad 3), a decent amount of storage, and a camera.

But don’t let that put you off; the Kindle Fire’s quality far outweighs its price tag. But there’s no doubt the iPad 3 will be a better tablet, it’s just a case of whether you’re willing to pay a lot more money.

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