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Apple iPad 3 March launch – what you need to know

We’ve been holding our breath over the iPad 3 for so long we are blue in the face. What will have inside? When will it be launched? How many remortgages will I need to be able to afford one?

These are just some of the questions on the lips of tech fans around the world, as we gear up for what could be Apple’s best ever device.

The specs have been, well, speculated on for months now. Of course we’ve had nothing from Apple itself, telling us time and again that it doesn’t comment on rumour or speculation.

But if the specs are as good as the rumours are claiming (and at this stage, the rumours can’t be far off) then we are about to see a very special tablet hit the market.

The launch date has been debated endlessly too. Some (rather deluded) hopefuls said we’d see it at MWC this month, while others mused over a launch to coincide with Steve Jobs’ birthday.

March 7th launch for Apple iPad 3

But this theory, which would put the launch on 27th February, has been all but ruled out in favour of an early March event.

Several reports have claimed that we’ll see the iPad 3 at an Apple event on 7th March – less than one month away!

Citing sources who have been reliable in the past, the likes of Apple blog iMore have claimed Apple is busy readying its device for the launch.

No plans for an event have been announced by Apple just yet – that would be far too soon. If the March launch is true, we should get an announcement in the next couple of weeks.

Dual launch?

Reports have claimed that Apple TV devices are in short supply in the US, leading many to speculate that we’ll see Apple’s highly-anticipated new TV system at the launch too.

Expectation is that Apple will launch an updated version of its set-top box, or possibly even its new TV set that we’ve all been getting excited about.

Either way, we’re unsure that Apple will want to take any focus away from the iPad 3, preferring to show off just how cool this tablet is sure to be.

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