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Apple iPad 3 launch: what to expect

Techies and Apple fans everywhere, rejoice! The long wait for Apple’s most exciting (and only) device since the iPhone 4S is nearly over.

We had all sorts of speculation over the launch date for the iPad 3. Some were saying early February, others were saying Steve Jobs’ birthday, and more pessimistic observers were touting an April or even May launch.

But then the date of March 7 started to be taken seriously. And now we have the final confirmation that this will be the day we finally see the iPad 3.

That’s right folks, the invitations have been sent and the final countdown has begun. Apple sent out the press invitations yesterday, telling journalists: “We have something you really have to see. And touch”.

It was a typically tantalising teaser from the experts in marketing, and has tech fans the world over positively salivating.

So what can we expect from the March 7 launch, and are there any clues hidden in the teasing invite from Apple?

Apple TV and iPad 3?

Some tech speculators have suggested that we could see not only the iPad 3 next week, but the latest version of Apple TV.

The tagline seems to suggest two products, and the ‘see’ part could be a reference to Apple TV. But then again, it could also mean the retina display that we’re expecting to see on the iPad 3.

No home button in iPad 3?

Perhaps we’re making too much of the invitation image, but there is a distinct lack of home button in the picture. Could this be a new design direction for the iPad?

It’s possible, but the photo could easily have been taken from a different angle, to hide the home button in order to get people talking.

Standing ovation for iPad 3

It says something about Apple’s hold over popular culture that a press conference is greeted with such excitement around the world.

And you can guarantee that every journalist in the room will commend Apple by getting to their feet to applaud the new device.

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