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Apple iPad 3: how Apple plans to crush the opposition

For a while, Apple held the tech crown when it came to consumer devices. The iPhone was a runaway success and a revelation for the mobile phone world, while the iPod has been one of the most influential devices of the 21st Century.

But the iPod’s popularity is waning, due in part to the success of the iPhone – basically an iPod that can make calls. And as for the iPhone itself, the rise of Android devices have given it some stiff competition.

But there is one area where Apple is still sitting comfortably at the top of the pile. We’re talking of course, about tablets.

Much as it did with the iPod, Apple created a market for itself with the iPad. And it is still a market where Apple is top dog.

Of, course, Apple’s tablets have some drawbacks that have pushed users on to the likes of the Galaxy Tab or Playbook, such as price and its inability to run Flash.

So with the iPad 3 just around the corner, how will Apple stay at the top of the tablet pile? Well, as usual, the US tech giant has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Apple iPad 3 to be first

If there is one thing that Apple loves, it’s being the first. If you get your device out there first, all other devices will be compared to it.

Rumours abound that we’ll be seeing the iPad 3 this month, possibly to coincide with Steve Jobs’ birthday. There has been no confirmation as yet, but it would make perfect marketing sense.

Apple iPad 3 processor

Several reports have suggested that the iPad 3 will be rocking an A6 quad-core processor, which will make it the fastest iOS device to date.

There have been rumours that we’ll see a quad-core CPU on other tablets this year, but it is most likely to appear on Apple’s device. If this is the case, other manufacturers will struggle to compete.

Apple iPad 3 price

This is by no means guaranteed, but could see a drop in price for the new iPad, albeit a pretty small one. As the likes of the Kindle Fire come out at the low end of the market, Apple may want to make the iPad 3 a little more affordable.

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