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Apple iPad 3 countdown: top iPad 2 complaints

We’ve been waiting with baited breath for what seems like an eternity. But just as we’re turning blue in the face, the iPad 3 launch date is all but confirmed.

We’re never ones to count our chickens before they’ve hatched (well, maybe sometimes), but the latest launch date rumours for Apple’s next-gen tablet are the most concrete to date.

Reports suggest that we should be seeing the iPad 3 in less than a month, with a 7 March date being bandied about the web.

It’s an exciting prospect, as the tablet promises to be a big step up from the iPad 2 with some impressive specs and new features.

So how will the iPad 3 fare in the tablet market? Very well, if Apple’s recent history is anything to go by. But as with any device, there will no doubt be some problems.

Apple iPad 2 complaints

A survey by online tech support forum FixYa has revealed the most common complaints users have about Apple’s current tablet – the iPad 2.

So as fantastic as the iPad 3 may be, Apple will need to make sure it avoids the issues of the iPad 2 to keep the fans happy.

The most common complaint amongst iPad 2 users was the device’s Wi-Fi connectivity. The survey found that 35% of users have had issues with connectivity.

The problems ranged from being unable to connect to Wi-Fi at all, to getting booted off just after connecting. Apple will need to address this issue, but with the iPad 3’s rumoured LTE connectivity, Wi-Fi might not be quick enough (that’s provided we get LTE over here).

iPad 3 retina display

Another common issue amongst users was with the display. There have been complaints over the brightness of the iPad 2, and over brightness bleeding.

This is one area where it looks like Apple is really stepping up its game, with a retina display powered by dual-LED lightbar technology. This sounds great; we just hope Apple packs in a decent battery to keep it going.

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