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Apple iPad 3 countdown: top Apple concept videos

The launch of Apple’s long-awaited tablet, the iPad 3, is now so close we can practically taste it. Due for launch on Wednesday, the iPad 3 is set to real step up by Apple in the tablet market.

The invitations were delivered last week, and sent the tech world alight with all kinds of rumour. The debate has been endless ever since the launch was announced, with techies arguing over everything from what the iPad 3 will look like to whether any other devices will feature at the launch.

Apart from speculate, all we can do is wait for the big day – it’s going to be a long couple of days! But it seems that some people just can’t wait any longer.

Aatma Studios, the guys who brought us the iPhone 5 concept video last year, have come up with another speculative video of what the iPads of the future will be capable of.

Apple iPad 3 concept

The video above, uploaded last week, has already had over three million views. It shows some very cool ideas for what the iPads of the future might do.

It’s highly unlikely that we’ll see any of these things in the iPad 3, but that doesn’t stop us from being impressed with this cool video.

Apple iPhone 5 concept

With more than 47 million views, this was the most-watched tech video of last year. It’s easy to see why – the video has some very cool (and very believable) ideas. We’re guessing more than a few people bought an iPhone 4S off the back of it.

Apple iPhone SJ

Another popular concept video, this shows a redesigned iPhone inspired by the late Steve Jobs. We’re not sure the name ‘iPhone SJ’ will stick, but the design could prove to be fairly accurate.