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Apple iPad 2 – The Right Tablet for Novice Users


Rating: ★★★★☆

Before taking the plunge to get an iPad, I had a good play with many of the options available on the market, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom and Archos 9. Most of them were good tablets, but for someone new to tablets the Apple iPad stood out from the rest.

The screen for me appeared to be sharper and more vibrant than the others, which is a big factor for me as I’m a bit of a perfectionist when I develop sites/apps. The volume controls are straight forward and don’t get in the way when using the device. There were countless options to choose from when looking for a protective cover/case.

The app store had so much to chose from as there were so many already in production for the iPod/iPhone which were either adapted for the iPad or reasonably upscaled if no iPad version had been made yet.

My wife had never used a touch screen device before using the iPad and she took to it like a fish to water. She found everything about it was intuitive and simple to understand. She now takes it with her to most places she goes as it has become a tool for scheduling appointments, finding directions, checking weather forecasts and entertainment for her and our two sons.

My two year old has even become attached to it as he loves to play learning games that are available to match colours, shapes and learn his letters and numbers. The icons clear enough for him to make out, so he can take the device from it’s home screen and cycle through the pages to find his apps, which is incredible.

My disabled five year old also loves the iPad and uses it reasonably well even though his dexterity is very poor due to his Cerebral Palsy. There are a number of apps that have also been made to help him communicate his wants and needs, which has been great for us as a family.

Because every member in my family, regardless of age and ability, have found a use for the iPad, I cannot sing enough praises for it and would suggest it to anyone.


  • Excellent responsiveness to touch
  • Simple to use
  • An endless selection of apps
  • Good for all ages


  • Slightly heavy
  • No Flash compatability


Excellent choice for any type of user from Novice to Expert and any age category. If you can survive without the need to use Flash enabled website, you’re onto a winner here. It’s hard to say “I’m not sure how to do this” when using the iPad.

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