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Apple iPad 2 covers are a Smart idea

I’ve been to many Apple launch events over the last decade and I’ve never seen more excitement than at the launch of the iPad 2.

No, not because Steve Jobs came on stage to unveil the eagerly-awaited product despite his cancer battle.

And not even because Apple had updated the iPad from top to bottom, creating a device that’s lighter, thinner and faster!

The excited looks and twitchy hands desperate to get a feel were down to one simple thing… Smart Covers.

Yes, forget the £400 gadget update, a £30 piece of polyurethane was the biggest star of Wednesday night’s Apple show.

It’s one of the most innovative accessories the company has ever produced with magnets that attach it seamlessly to the side of the iPad 2.

it close enough to the edge and the attraction happens like a piece of Harry Potter magic, joining the two together and automatically aligning it.

The Smart Cover is designed so not to make the svelte iPad 2 bigger or bulkier. Apple’s
original iPad case design was far more function over form – a surprise to many as it hid the lovely looks of the tablet from view.

But the Smart Cover certainly returns to Apple’s roots of design and innovation. It will even wake the iPad 2 up as you peel it back and send it to sleep as you close it, thanks to a sensor in the material.

And that’s not the only innovative thing about it. Split into three sections, it can be folded in various ways to create a stand to angle the iPad 2 for typing or prop it upright for watching videos.

You can also fold one piece of it back to expose the rear camera for shooting movies.

Smart Covers come in a range of colours and also in leather.

Added to the launch of the white iPad 2, they will make the gadget far more female friendly.

It worked for the iPod shuffle and nano and you can certainly see it helping to encourage those who held off buying the original iPad.

The Smart Cover may cost less than a tenth of the price of the Apple iPad 2 – but it’s certainly got everyone buzzing about the UK launch on March 25.

While the announcements around the iPad 2’s specs took no-one by surprise, the reveal of this accessory proved Apple still has it covered when it comes to design, innovation and thinking outside the box.

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