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Apple iOS 6 update ready for download: What you need to know

Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 6, is ready for download as a free update today via the iTunes App Store for the iPhone 3GS onwards, the 4th-gen iPod touch, and the new iPad or iPad 2.

With some great new features and a couple of fantastic improvements on iOS 5, Apple’s latest operating system could be the making of the iPhone 5. So what can we expect in iOS 6?

iOS 6 features and improvements

Boosted by GPS hardware and a collaboration with TomTom, Apple Maps is an impressive feature that easily rivals Google.

It’s strengths lie in the fact that it operates well in 3D mode and includes turn-by-turn voice-guided directions.

The camera on iOS 6 snaps 28MP panorama photos on the iPhone 5, and also includes 10-face detection on the rear and single face detection on the front camera, as well as video stabilisation.

iOS 6 expands to include a new shared photo stream, giving users the ability to share photos with other iOS devices, or via Macs, Apple TV and Aperture.

The images can also get the seal of approval from users’ friends, who are able to ‘like’ photos in the same way as they would for Facebook.

iOS 6: Siri and social media

The Siri update in iOS 6 brings a raft of improvements to the voice command service. This includes information on movies, reservations, as well as app launching abilities and sports scores and highlights.

After building Twitter into iOS 5, Apple has now followed suit with Facebook for iOS 6. With 200 new features packed into iOS 6, Apple may have every chance of clawing back some the 68% share of the smartphone market occupied by Google’s Android.

iOS 6 also adds Siri language support for French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese. Users can also interact with their iPhone using a new hands-free functionality.

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