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Apple iOS 6 passbook vs Google Wallet

In the world of technology, both Apple and Google have positioned themselves as leaders in numerous fields.

With both firms dominating the realms of personal electronics with an abundance of tablets and smartphones, it’s hardly surprising that recent months have seen them square off against one another in fierce competition.

Following on from previous battles which have seen their mobile handsets and electronic devices go head-to-head, the latest fight is taking place on a new battlefield – with mobile payment the current focus.

Apple vs Google

With Google’s Android handsets growing more popular by the day, Apple’s iconic iOS devices have stiff competition – meaning the race to develop the best devices became more intense.

Recent developments to this battle saw Apple announce that it would be partnering with TomTom to offer navigation services in its newest systems, abandoning the Google-based platform which it had previously used.

Now the battle has taken another turn, with mobile payment systems the latest focus as Apple’s iOS 6 Passbook and Google Wallet go head-to-head. According to a recent review, Apple could have the upperhand in this battle, but just how do the two systems compare?

iOS 6 Passbook vs Google Wallet

The main difference between the two systems seems to be in how they manage their functions. Whilst Google Wallet is criticised heavily for its limited payment methods, Apple’s Passbook could overcome this by acting as storage area for receipts, loyalty cards and even boarding passes.

Apple’s contribution to the mobile payment market will also offer greater flexibility with users able to download apps from sellers whom they trust or have used before.

The entire payment system relies on the use of software and QR codes, meaning the system isn’t plagued by the problems associated with the static hardware commonly used in these systems.

Of course, the iOS6 Passbook is yet to be officially released, which means any direct comparison with Google Wallet will have to wait. However, with specifications such as this coming from Apple, the iOS6 Passbook looks like a promising addition to the world of mobile payment.