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Apple iCloud vs Google Cloud – the tech battle of the future

For quite a while, cloud computing was the reserve of the tech savvy. It was a technology that promised big things but failed to really take off commercially.

We’ve had cloud computing, in some form or another, for quite a while now. Businesses have used it, and Dropbox has been a hugely popular service for a long time.

But with the launch of Apple’s iCloud last year, more people are starting to sit up and take notice of cloud computing.

iCloud is, like so many of Apple’s products, a very user friendly system. And it is one that we can expect big things from in the future.

But how does it compare with the other cloud services out there? There are plenty to choose from, but we’ve decided to compare the iCloud with Google’s Cloud service, given the rivalry between the two companies.

Apple iCloud

Launched by Steve Jobs at Apple’s WWDC in June last year, the iCloud is designed to be simple, easy to use, and very helpful.

Unlike some other cloud computing services, the iCloud is not just a virtual hard drive. Instead, it is all about Apple’s favourite pastime – syncing.

Let’s be honest, getting content from one Apple device to another was a bit of a sticking point for a long time.

But with the iCloud that is a thing of the past, as anything you download on one device will automatically be available on another.

Google Cloud

When it comes to cloud computing, Google is something of an old hand. Google is an internet software company after all.

The cloud experience on Google is not quite as smooth and sleek as that of Apple’s – Apple are arguably the masters of usability – but it is web-based, and operates a much more open approach than Apple.

And let’s not forget that with Google Cloud, you can buy apps for Android on a computer and have them pushed to any device you want – a great feature.

So, as with any piece of software (or hardware, for that matter), there are pros and cons to each one. But one thing’s for sure, we’re going to see a lot more from The Cloud in the future.