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Apple Confronts LG Electronics in Global Phone Market

The global technology giant Apple has fast become one of the most popular phone manufacturers in the world. New evidence from the Global Phone Market suggests the company could now be set to overtake rivals LG Electronics in this sphere.

The speculation has come following the release of data which shows that Apple has enjoyed an increase of almost twelve times that of the overall global market.

The data is based on the quarterly Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker which details the shipments and percentage of market share held by top manufacturers.

This data, for period Q2, demonstrated that while LG still retains it’s position as the third biggest handset manufacturer, it is being closely stalked by newcomer Apple.

Apple’s shipment increase is said to equate to a massive 141.8% year after year, meaning that they are more than capable of claiming third place from LG in the future.

Moreover, while Apple’s growth has shown an increase, other top manufacturers have revealed a drastic decline in their shipments.

Nokia were able to retain their position at number one despite reporting a decrease. They lurched from a market share of 33.8% in Q2 for 2010 to 24.2% for the same period this year.

LG also reported a loss, with their Q2 market share for 2010 standing at 9.3% compared to their current share of 6.8%. Samsung, currently in second place, reported only a small decrease from 19.4% to 19.2%, a stable result considering the collective problems of their rivals.

Apple, however, managed to record a shipment level of 20.3million, seeing its market share rise from 2.6% in 2010 to 5.6% in 2011, placing them only marginally behind LG.

The news demonstrates the stability and strength of the Global Smartphone Market despite the difficult economic circumstances.

With growth such as this, it is highly possible that by 2012 Apple will have officially claimed the number three position from LG Electronics and will more than likely be beginning to size up their next rival: Samsung.

This could mean that the Smartphone market is set to undergo another series of changes, with manufacturers desperately trying to retain their world status in light of this information, leading to greater competition and perhaps greater choice for the consumer.

Do you think this information will alter the Global Smartphone Market?