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Angry Birds to take over the world

Angry Birds, the bird-launching, pig-freeing app has taken the world by storm. Rarely out of the top 10 downloaded apps each week, the aggressive avian game has been downloaded over 500 million times.

Its simplicity, both in story and design, have enticed smartphone users the world over. And the frustratingly tricky levels have kept us hooked.

But the birds are getting bored at just being a smartphone gaming app. They want more, much more. They want total world domination, so how are they going about it?

Angry Birds cookbook

Maybe not quite what you’d expect from the birds, you’d think they were angry enough without being cooked. But the cookbook Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes is out now and is available on Amazon and some good bookshops.

Featuring recipes on everything from omelettes to sorbet, this book is more about the puns than cooking. Finnish game developer Rovio (which makes Angry Birds) is keen to stress that only the eggs of normal birds, rather than angry ones, should be used.

Angry Birds: the movie

Perhaps a little more logical than a cookbook, Rovio has said that an Angry Birds film is in the pipeline. We’re not quite sure what the plot will be though, maybe a Great Escape-style prison thriller.

According to Rovio, Iron Man producer David Maisel has been drafted in to make the film, so watch this space!

The birds go soft

Not content with staying digital, the Angry Birds have gone all soft on us with a range of plush toys. The whole gang is here, from the red leader to the blue triplets.

Available online and in some toy shops, the birds not only sit there looking cute (and angry) but they squeal, squawk and chirp every time you squeeze them. There’s even a pig thrown in for good measure.

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