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Angry Birds Star Wars – What you need to know

Gamers and sci-fi fans, rejoice! One of the most iconic mobile games of all time is joining forces with one of the most iconic film franchises for a brand new title.

Finnish mobile developer Rovio looks set to be teaming up with Lucasfilm to create, you guessed it, Angry Birds Star Wars.

You have to hand it to Rovio, there didn’t seem like there were many other avenues for the Birds to explore. We’ve already had them throwing themselves around during Christmas, at Halloween, and in Rio de Janeiro. They’ve even been into space!

Yet Rovio has managed to find another interesting take on the familiar format with Angry Birds Star Wars. So what do we know about this title so far?

Angry Birds Star Wars teaser

We all started getting very excited about the title when Rovio posted an image of one of the angry birds with a Jedi makeover – donning the classic robes and wielding a lightsaber.

Our hopes and dreams were then realised when Lucasfilm confirmed a partnership with the Finnish developer.

Paul Southern, of Lucasfilm said:

“As casual games grow as a category and mobile devices grow as an interface, it’s going to become more important for us in the future,”

“Our partnership with Rovio helped us to understand a little bit more about how they achieved that success.”

Angry Birds Star Wars details and release

We don’t know an awful lot about the actual gameplay of Angry Birds Star Wars, apart from the fact that Luke Skywalker will be played by the iconic Red Bird.

Other than that, all we know is that we’ll see a lot of Star Wars branding all over the game and perhaps use of the Force in some capacity.

We also don’t have a release date for the game yet. Initial reports had estimated a release at the end of October, but there has been no confirmation.

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