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Angry Birds mania – updates, consoles and theme parks

Angry Birds has been a roaring success ever since its launch, and with 1 billion downloads already in the bag, the birds vs porkers format is unlikely to wear thin any time soon.

Yet developer Rovio is not one to rest on a tried and tested format. It added some new dimensions with Angry Birds Space, and recently announced plans for a completely different perspective.

A new version of the game will see the pigs given the opportunity to protect their fortresses from the pesky birds.

Angry Birds Space: Red Planet

There’s no word on when this title will land, but Rovio isn’t done there. The Finnish developer announced recently that Angry Birds Space will be given a Red Planet update in the next couple of months.

The update was announced with a video revealing the Mars Curiosity rover chasing a square shadow across the Martian landscape. This leads to a crater being unearthed that contains a derelict pig base with a few bruised swine, before we catch a glimpse of a very angry bird.

Angry Birds theme park

With an unofficial Angry Birds theme park in China, and official one Finland, it only seems right that a theme park should crop up on our very own British shores.

Sundown Adventureland, an attraction in the Nottinghamshire countryside, is set to be home to the first Angry Birds theme park in the UK.

Built exclusively for the under-10s, the Angry Birds park is due to open at the end of the month and will include sandpits, climbing frames and an outdoor arcade game.

Angry Birds coming to consoles

After enjoying a few years on our mobiles, it seem the birds are ready to take on the world of the fully-fledged console.

The Angry Birds Trilogy for consoles comes with Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio in an all-in-one disc.

Features tailored for console play include controls honed for the control pad, support for Kinect motion controls and all-new art assets.

The trilogy will include 700 puzzles and 19 brand new levels, and is set to be launched on 25 September. It’s an interesting prospect, but at an eye-watering £29.99 we think we’ll stick to the mobile version.

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