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Android or iPhone? Survey reveals factors that tip the balance

The Apple vs Samsung intellectual property trial has thrown up all manner of interesting revelations, and this week has been no different.

An internal Apple survey, which has come to light during the trial, has revealed the reasons that swung the vote in favour of Android for smartphone users.

Android vs iOS

Nearly half of those who considered buying an iPhone but opted for Android instead did so because they were keen to stay with their current wireless provider, while 36% said that they trusted the Google brand.

A larger screen was also a key reason for opting for an Android model, while 27% said they preferred the Android market for apps.

Just over a quarter of those surveyed wanted better integration with Google services like Gmail, Google Docs and Google Voice.

For 25%, turn by turn GPS navigation was a key deciding factor, while for the same percentage getting the latest technology was crucial.

Android still ahead

Figures released by IT research firm Gartner today show that Android continues to dominate the market with a 64% share in the second quarter while Apple’s iOS trails behind at 18.8%.

The Galaxy S3 emerged as the best-selling Android product in the last quarter, shipping 10 million units just months after its release.

Gartner argued that the iPhone 5 was responsible for the iOS slump in sales as customers bided their time until the launch of the next big thing.

“In the second quarter of 2012, consumer demand for the Apple iPhone weakened as sales fell 12.6% from the first quarter of 2012, but grew 47.4% year-on-year,”

Some of the key differences identified in comparisons between iOS 6 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean include Android’s ability to support a wide range of hardware and a screen that includes icons and widgets.

There are always features that will keep users loyal to one OS or another. But the figures have spoken for themselves when it comes to who is currently on top of the leader board.

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