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Android Market premium apps now just 10p

A number of premium apps on the Android Market are going for the bargain-basement price of just 10p, as Google goes cheap-as-chips-chirpy for the festive season.

In a promotion which has just landed on the Android Market in the UK, 10 of the most popular apps on the Android Market are now priced at just 10p.

Google is calling this the 10 Billion Promo, as it is to celebrate 10 billion app downloads from the market – which is a significant number for the search giant.

Android market

Now we would be a cynical bunch to suggest that this is an easy way for Google to finally get Android users to give over their credit card details – there’s far fewer Android apps bought than iOS ones – but it is promotions like these that get phone users to dip into their pockets and get acquainted with the payment system.

The apps which have been selected for the promotion:

  1. SoundHound
  2. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD
  3. Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  4. SwiftKey X Keyboard
  5. Endomondo Sports Tracker
  6. Great Little War Game
  7. SketchBook Mobile
  8. Fieldrunners HD
  9. Color & Draw for kids:phone ed
  10. Paper Camera

According to the US version of the promotion, the chosen apps will be changing everyday so you better get a hurry on and head over to the Android Market now if the above list takes your fancy.

Android Market premium apps now just 10p