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Amazon planning up to six more Kindle Fire tablets?

The vast majority of us here in Britain may not have seen a Kindle Fire in the flesh, as it were, but rumours abound that Amazon is already preparing a whole host of new models.

That is according to Demos Parneros, the head of US retail for retailer Staples, who said that he expects Amazon to release as many as five or six Fire follow-ups.

It is a bold statement, but one we certainly see coming true over the coming months and years. The retail giant has had huge success with the original Fire in the States, and is rumoured to preparing the Fire 2 for release before Christmas.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 on the way?

Details of this device are fairly thin on the ground at the moment, but reports have suggested that Amazon is adding parts and hardware that were not seen on the first Fire.

So we may see a quad-core processor, more storage space and maybe even a camera on the Kindle Fire 2 – bringing it up-to-speed with other tablets out there.

Some reports have also claimed that we’ll see not one but two Kindle Fire 2 versions – one with a seven-inch display and one with a bumper 10-inch display.

More Amazon devices?

We could see more of the same in the coming years, according to Parneros. The Staples boss thinks the models will be of varying sizes, with at least one a 10-inch device to go head-to-head with the Apple iPad.

It’s little wonder Amazon is planning such devices – the more people who own an Amazon device, the more will be regularly accessing the Amazon store and spending money on content.

With a potential customer base of millions, all geared towards buying content, Amazon could find itself becoming a mobile giant on a par with Apple. Let battle commence!

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