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Amazon Kindle Touch vs Nook Simple Touch

Ereaders have been one of the tech world’s biggest success stories in recent years. After a slightly slow start, the mass consumer market has come round to electronic reading and is lapping them up in their millions.

At the moment, Amazon has something of a monopoly in the ereader market with the various incarnations of the Kindle.

And the online retail giant has made the most of its newfound success, giving us updates, improvements and upgrades seemingly as often as it possibly can.

It has even moved into the tablet market with the launch of the Kindle Fire – a low cost device that has gone down a storm in the US.

Of course, we are yet to see the Kindle Fire here in the UK, despite the success it has had across the pond. There is still no word on when (if at all) we’ll see the Fire on these shores, but we can still dream.

In the mean time, we’ll have to make do with Amazon’s latest release – the Kindle Touch. The device has been out in the States for a while now, but has finally come to these shores. But how does it measure up one of Amazon’s biggest rival, Barnes & Noble?

Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight

As you might have noticed, the Nook Simple Touch from Barnes & Noble is not available in the UK yet, although many expect that to change in the coming months.

The latest development for the Simple Touch ereader is the addition of the Glowlight – an LED-based lighting system that makes the device glow in the dark. It is the first ereader to allow users to use it in the dark, so it better make an appearance over here soon.

Amazon Kindle Touch

The Kindle Touch has an obvious advantage over the Nook Simple Touch in that it’s available in this country right now. But it does have some other good qualities too.

You can go for either the Wi-Fi only model or the 3G version, both of which offer a fantastic display quality and the X-ray feature – allowing you to compare themes throughout a book.

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