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Amazon Kindle Touch Available for Pre-Order in the UK

Although Amazon’s Kindle Touch was release in the US at the tail end of last year, here in the UK, we’re still waiting…

And you’ll have to wait a little bit longer too! Amazon have now given us Brits an official release date of April 27th. Better late than never i guess!

The Kindle Touch e-Reader is Amazon’s flagship device and will be hitting the UK shores at a price of £109 for the skinny vanilla Wi-Fi model and £169 for the full fat 3G model.

Customers can pre-order from today and sales are expected to be huge! Similar to it’s popularity already in the US.

So why buy a Kindle Touch?

A spokesperson for Amazon speaking with Techradar said:

“You can get a Wi-Fi only Kindle but if you want a device that is a top of the line e-Reader then wherever you are you can download a book in 60 seconds.”

“It’s also got this touch technology that is hugely innovative. The way in which we looked at the screen was very different from other people where we said ‘where do people actually click on the page?’”

With a two-month battery life, text to speech capabilities, 4GB of internal storage and free cloud storage for all Amazon content, this really is the best Kindle yet.

Vice President of Kindle EU, Jorrit Van der Meulen said today:

“UK customers have been asking us to make Kindle Touch available on and we are excited to do so today.”

“Customers continue to choose Kindle because they love the world-class reading experience, the vast selection of Kindle books available at great prices, and the convenience of downloading their books in just 60 seconds.”

So good news for Brits on the Kindle Touch front. Still no news on Amazon’s full colour, web browsing Kindle Fire though. Keep it PluggedIn for all the latest news.

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