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Amazon Kindle Phone – What you need to know

Anyone looking for a low-cost smartphone that still manages to deliver decent specs might soon get a little more choice, as Amazon is rumoured to be releasing a Kindle smartphone.

Dubbed the Kindle Phone, reports have suggested that the online retail giant is busy prepping the device for release before the end of the year.

It’s an exciting prospect, but one that we’re not overly surprised by. Amazon’s first foray into the mobile market, with the release of the Kindle Fire, has been a huge success.

Released into the US market at the end of last year, the device sold by the shed-load over the Christmas period. While some dismissed the promising start as a Christmas rush, the tablet has continued to sell well throughout 2012.

The device has been such a runaway success that other tech companies are busy bringing their own cut-price tablets to market.

While we’re yet to see the Fire here in Britain, the device is great news for consumers looking to get good tech for a good price. So what do we know about the Kindle smartphone?

Amazon Kindle Phone OS

Details are fairly thin on the ground for the Kindle Phone, with one of the main talking points being what operating system the device will use.

The Kindle Fire uses a bare-bones version of Android, so a similar approach might be taken with a smartphone. But Amazon might want to distance itself from the hoards of Android smartphones out there, so it could have a very different feel to the Fire.

Content consumption

For Amazon, the success of the Fire has been in the fact that people are now buying endless amounts of content from its App Store.

It will want to do something similar with the Kindle Fire, but smartphones are less content-friendly than a seven inch tablet, so the business model will have to be slightly different.

Amazon Kindle Phone release date and price

The smartphone will almost inevitably get a US release first, with a UK and Europe release anybody’s guess.

As for pricing, Amazon will want to keep it around the $200 mark, possibly offering a SIM-free handset that would work on any compatible network.

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